Dear Mom, It's not your fault

Probably one of the most heartbreaking experiences in life was watching my mom struggling when my dad left. I remember very vividly how most of the time in the grocery store we could not afford to buy cheese or some juices, while most of the utilities were not paid. I could never understand how my dad did not take responsibility for his family and how it just did not matter to him if we are even alive.

There was so much pressure on that woman, my mom. She had to care for all three of us, work for two to try to maintain financial stability, and still finding time to be herself. She was so broken. We all were broken. At the time I wanted to blame her sometimes why our family is not working, and why I was never that fortunate to have a dad who loves me… But the more I grew up, the more I started to see that she was blaming herself more than anyone else could for the same things. And even as of today the only thing I wish I could tell her was that: she is not the one who failed.

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